Free Google+ Local Report

The Images

  • 10 images optimized for your Google+ Local Business (Google Places) categories and keywords.
  • Images may be stock photography or images from your website.
  • All images are uploaded to Picasa Web account, where they are Geo-tagged and optimized for keywords and Google+ Local Business (Google Places) categories.
  • All images contain strong call to action.

The Videos

  • 5 videos optimized for your Google+ Local Business (Google Places) categories and keywords.
  • All videos are uploaded to an optimized YouTube channel and Geo-tagged. Descriptions are optimized.
  • All videos are branded for to your business and contain a strong call to action.
  • All video descriptions contain citation.
  • All video descriptions contain links to your profiles and Google+ Local Business (Google Places) page.

The Profiles / Citations

  • Optimized Google+ Local Business (Google Places) for businesses, YouTube channel, Picasa, etc.
  • All images and videos are uploaded to appropriate profiles.
  • Out of all the citations created for you, approximately 8 will be significantly optimized with images, videos and links.

The Geeky Stuff

  • KML Locations File, Geo Sitemap, h-Review, G+ Authorship, Schema formatting, rich snippets
  • Highly-optimized site structure / content that builds the perfect foundation for Google+ Local ranking.
  • To test your site to see what micro formats exist, put your URL into the Google Rich Snippets Tool.

The Report

  • You will receive login credentials for every account we create as well as a report with all live URLs.
  • We will also add everything to your Google+ Local listing, if you’re able to give us the login details.