Google+ Local Setup

Google+ Local Setup

Google+ Local Setup is the foundation of our entire service portfolio.

Why is it so important? Because we understand the realities of starting a business. Here’s the typical process that no small, medium or local business can afford, but most try to accomplish …all while running the rest of the business:

  • Invest in building a gorgeous, effective website packed with tons of fresh content
  • Invest in advertising to supplement the initial lack of attention
  • Invest in creating a presence on every external site to get them to come to you
  • Invest in converting every visitor into a lead, customer or raving fan
  • Ultimately convince Google to come check you out, and be so thoroughly amazed that they tell the world about your company before anyone else in town.

Even if you do it yourself, like most startups, the opportunity cost (particularly for startups) to talk Google into showing up at your door with customers 24/7 is enormous.

The Flaw of On Page and Off Page

SEO and Internet Marketing consultants will spam, cold call and interrupt you all day long to tell you about the magical “On Page” and “Off Page” work that can be done to make your site attractive to Google and get you noticed. There’s nothing wrong with On Page and Off Page SEO, but why not focus On Google?  What if we cut out all of the initial investment and marketing effort spent trying to get the world to come to you, on your site, at your business? What if we just went straight to the source from day one and “set up shop” inside the Googleplex?

After all, isn’t that where Google would look first? No customer or prospect goes to your site first, they go to Google. So perhaps we should meet them there?

On Google

What if you set up shop On Google? Would it be tough for Google to find you?

What if you engaged with customers On Google and became highly visible On Google’s network of sites, services, applications and devices?

What if you talked to Google exactly they way Google likes and created a deep relationship and presence on Google Maps, Youtube, Google+, Google’s Android mobile devices, Google Play applications, Google Images, Picassa, Panaramio, Google Shopping, Google Offers, and on and on? Would that be more effective than setting up shop somewhere and trying to get Google to stop by?

That’s where we start and why we start there. How do we do it? Here are the details of our basic Google+ Local Setup service:

Estimated turnaround time: 15 – Working Days

The Images

Our incredibly-powerful Google Plus Local setup service will really get you off to the right start. 90% of the battle with Google Plus Local is optimizing things properly – both in the listing itself and in the way you tie images, video and website together.

You’ll provide us with at least 10 images.

We provide you with:

  • All image meta is thoroughly optimized.
  • All images are uploaded to a Picasa Web account and geo-tagged.
  • All images are branded to you business and contain a strong call to action.

(No photos? No worries, we can help with that too!)

The Videos

  • 5 high quality slideshow-style videos.
  • All video meta is thoroughly optimized.
  • All videos are uploaded to an optimized YouTube channel and Geo-tagged.
  • All descriptions are optimized.
  • All videos are branded for to your business and contain a strong call to action.
  • All video descriptions contain citation.
  • YouTube channel is optimized in several ways.

Google Plus Page for Businesses

  • All images are uploaded to a customized Google Plus Page for business.
  • All videos are posted to the Google Plus Page for business.
  • Google Plus Page profile will contain business description and citation.
  • Important links are added to the links area of the Google Plus Page “About” tab.

Citations, Business Listings and Social Profiles

  • Business details are manually submitted to 30 high-quality business directory sites.
  • Accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger and YouTube are created and optimized with business citation, photos and links.

Enhanced Business Profiles

  • 8 enhanced business profiles –> we fill out profiles on sites like Brownbook, MerchantCircle, Insiderpages and more with your description, images, videos and links. MerchantCircle blog posts, for example, often rank page 1 on their own!
  • All profiles are pinged and linked to each other.
  • All profiles are linked to YouTube, Google Plus Page, Facebook and many more…

KML / Geo Sitemap / Google Webmaster Tools / Schema

  • KML Locations file will be created. This file is critical to telling Google exactly where your business is located.
  • Geo Sitemap will be created. This file tells Google where the KML file is located, which is read by Google Maps, etc.
  • Files will be submitted to an optimized Google Webmaster Tools account. Google Webmaster Tools is Command Central for your SEO Optimization efforts.
  • Schema-formatted address coding will be given to you to add to your site. If you need help with this, just ask. This coding tells Google that it is reading the address of a local business and makes a big difference in ranking your G+ Local listing.

Full Report

You will receive login credentials for every account we create as well as a report with all important URLs.

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