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Ever since the first status update hit the web, local businesses have been wrestling with how to use social media. Can I profit from it? Will it drive new clients to my door? How on earth can I put another thing to my plate! Fortunately, things have matured a bit for social media and the hype curve is beginning to vet  tactics and best practices that a business owner can tie to measurable results. But who’s the clear winner? At this point, it still makes perfect  sense to diversify networks and lever the strengths of a given outlet to serve as the point to any campaign. However, there are some great new things you can do to prioritize your time and money to maximize results without breaking the bank or getting your MBA in Social Media Management.

The 80/20 Rule

If you tend to apply Pareto logic to your business marketing efforts, here’s the 80/20 rule’s social media math:

The #1 social network is Facebook, which has almost 1 billion users.

The #2 social network is Google+, which has almost 500 million users.

Facebook was launched in February of 2004.

Google+ was launched in June of 2011.

Google+ is already larger than  Twitter and LinkedIn. For business directory and search functions,  Google IS the Yellow Pages for most in the U.S.., much like AOL WAS the Internet , back in the early days of the web.

G+: Your New BFF

If you are a small or medium-sized local business, Google+ is your new best friend forever.

There are probably a… google reasons why, but primarily due to the dramatic shift in search results for those who can do this new Google+ social, local, mobile thing right. Those companies  able to turn the tables and level a playing field filled with big box stores, massive global brands and conglomerates with deep resources and cookie-cutter companies that are unable to utilize Google in the same way a smaller, local business is now able to do. We love to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs that have an open mind to becoming successful through innovation and delivering a valued service to their local community. That’s why our specialty is G+ Local. It is by far the most effective and affordable way to put a small local business on the map and engage with customers at a personal level, socially, on mobile and in the local market.

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